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Istok company provides trainings, renders services of professional coaches, as well as facilitates group meetings and conferences.

It was needed to digitize business processes in the form of an application that had to contain a set of cards with questions and a list of tasks.

Launch: 25 August 2018


questions for goals


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With the help of custom scripts and customer journey map application was developed forboth Android and iOS platforms


Authorization & Disclamer

The first screen of the application is made in a form of authorization for clients of Istok, where also new users can register via email orsocial networks. Password recovery functionality via email is also available..

After the first login everyuser sees a Welcomescreen (a disclaimer) ofIstok company and its application..

«Think about your desire/idea/goal. It does not matter where you are now: at the start or halfway to the finish. Ask yourself a few questions and take a step towards the result. Good luck!»

Question Cards & Task Manager

Application main section with question cards was made for training. During training auser is given the opportunity to answer questions. After the transition to another topic of the training, there are another 5 questions for user to answer, and so on.

During questions answering and training, a user may have ideas and tasks that he / she can write down toa special section. In the task list, onecan add, edit, and delete tasks, as well as executethem.

In the settings section, client can disable notifications, reset cards and order a special deck of cards from Istok company.


Admin panel

For easierapplication management an administrative panel with a list of tasks, reports and existing users was created.


Dashboard contains the latest events that took place under the leadership of "Istok"company. Administrator can see statistics of trainings, corporate meetings, conferences and their dynamics in percentage and on the form of charts.


In Reports section information about particular event, event managers, participants, as well as test results can be found. Test results are shown in percentage and in the form of table: one for those who passed the test, and another for those who did not..