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Klein Bottle

It is the first popular science magazine of the Khabarovsk territory and the Far East in General.

The magazine has an adaptive design that adapts to any device from the phone and tablets to the retina monitor.

The system always tries to give the content to the user that he really needs based on his preference s and history of visits.

Launch: In Developing


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Science Magazine

An extensive database of scientific articles, news and notes will acquaint you with the distinctive world of the Far East. A friendly community has already formed around the magazine, which is always happy to welcome new people.

"Science is the best way to make the human spirit heroic”

-Giordano Bruno


Content is the main focus point in this project. Therefore, all the blocks are maximally readable and understandable. Quote of the day, popular articles, brainstorming and other blocks is presented above…

Daily updates

Whether in the trend. The world of science does not stand still, and the daily news will help you stay up to date with the event. We even calculated the time to read the article so that you could choose only those articles that are convenient for you.


The Article Page

For convenience, each article has a time reading indicator, as well as reading progress, located at the top. The user can like the article or just share it with friends.

Many Options

Articles have many different variations of layout with the insertion of photos, video resources, user surveys and other interactive objects. What allows the author to more accurately convey information to readers.

Really Popular

All articles are assigned to authors who have a national rating. This rating is formed by readers, respectively, this is the most transparent indicator. Due to this, all the content on the site is of high quality. And the reader learns only proven and useful information.


Ask Uncle Klein

Klein Bottle is not just a magazine — it is a huge community of benevolent and understanding people. And they are always ready to help with your questions.

Question Form

For better interaction with readers, a system of live appeals to the administration of the journal was created. The Manager is sure to answer the user by email, ask a question, and quench his thirst for information! In this way a dowry, a friendly and educated community is formed around the magazine. Which, following the example of Uncle Klein, will always be ready to help his neighbor.

Answer Form

You can be sure that Uncle Klein will receive each of the questions asked to him. And the answer to you as soon as possible and with verified information. Because the magazine Klein bottle appreciates every reader! In the meantime, experts are looking for an answer to your question, you can read other interesting articles on the magazine's website.