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We do lean web development: from user stories and design to agile development with Laravel, DevOps, support and training

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A large regional company for legal and accounting issues asked us for a redesign of its entire infrastructure.

We developed a corporate website, blog with news & articles and made a CRM system with mobile application to digitize internal business processes.

Launch: 10 August 2018


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Corporate Site

Batiskaf’s job is to protect clients from legal, personnel and accounting problems and to help them focus on their business.

Main Page

Home page as well as the others made in Batiskaf corporate style using green colors and geometric shapes. To increase trust, real photos of employees and their work process have beenposted on the site.

The page containspromotions, reviews, real clients of the company and describesservices rendered in several areas of activity. For every page unique graphics with metaphorsand real situations have been created.


Batiskaf works in three areas: legal services, accounting and personnel. All the work to support your company business is carried out remotely. The company has a large network of branches located throughout the Far East of the Russian Federation. The motto of the company is «You do business — we solve problems».



Batiskaf leads his blog, which explains the nuances and news of accounting, lawsuits and personnel problems of business owners


For more convenience, articles were divided into categories where separate search can be used. Every article has tags, author, and reading time expressed in minutes.

Many different article layout widgets, such as quote, thesis, display unit, image gallery, video etc. have been developed for simplifying the reading of long texts or interviews.


To increase client audience email subscription usingcapture form was developed. Every week Batiskaf team shares unique content with its subscribers, where they tell about their positive and negative experiences in solving various problems they face every day. Mailing is the main feature of the site.


Batiskaf’s Digits

Batiskaf not only takes care of the daily paper routine, but helps its clients execute transactions and select employees in more competent ways.

6,5 mln ₽

Saved by our clients on administrative fines

73,5 mln ₽

Saved by our clients on tax optimization

315 mln ₽

Processed in accounting transactions

6 cities

Our presence

Not every firm can afford a high level lawyer in the state. Batiskaf professionally solve legal issues of your business when needed.